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Fellowships at Brown represents nationally competitive fellowships that fund domestic and international independent research and travel, teaching, and post-baccalaureate work or study.

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Dean of the College

Award/Fellowship Name

Short Description




American-Scandinavian Foundation Award

Study and research in all five Scandinavian countries. Open to US citizens and permanent residents who will have completed an undergraduate degree by the time their overseas program begins. Post undergraduate degree November American-Scandinavian Foundation Award

Baker Fellowship

Awarded to outstanding members of the graduating class to aid them in undertaking graduate or professional study at a university of their choice either in the U.S. or abroad. Seniors February Baker Fellowship

Goldwater Scholarship

Outstanding sophomores and juniors with excellent academic records, experience in and/or an intense commitment to research, and demonstrated potential for careers in mathematics and the natural sciences are invited to apply. Sophomore or Junior during nomination year December Goldwater Scholarship

Boren Undergraduate Scholarship for Study Abroad (NSEP)

The fellowship emphasizes language training abroad in languages not commonly studied. Scholarships will apply for study in areas deemed critical to U.S. nation security, and students applying for study in certain NSEP-identified countries of emphasis will be given preference. Freshman, sophomore, junior December Boren Undergraduate Scholarship for Study Abroad (NSEP)

Dorot Fellowship in Israel

Fellows are funded for twelve months, from summer to summer, in Israel . The first part of the fellowship is spent on an intensive Hebrew language program. The rest of the year is split between concurrent part-time Jewish study in a recognized educational institution which meets the foundation's standards and part-time internship in the Fellow's field of interest. In addition, the Foundation runs monthly seminars for the Fellows. Post undergraduate degree January Dorot Fellowship in Israel

Emery Fellowship

Aid women in undertaking graduate or professional study at a university of their choice either in the U.S. or abroad. Senior female undergraduates February Emery Fellowship


Enables students and artists to conduct research or study in over 140 countries around the world. Must hold at least a bachelor's degree. September Fulbright

Luce Scholarship

Selects 18 "Americans of outstanding promise" from a variety of fields to participate in one-year internships in Asia based on the participants' career interests and preparation and who have not specialized in Asian studies and who would not otherwise expect to have such an opportunity during the normal course of their careers. Graduating seniors or recent graduates November Luce Scholarship

Keasbey Scholarship

Provides Americans with an opportunity to experience the British educational system, by supporting two years of study at: Oxford - Balliol, Christ Church , Hertford, New College , Trinity, and University Colleges ; Cambridge - King's, St. John's , Selwyn, and Trinity Colleges ; University of Edinburgh ; and University College of Wales at Aberystwyth.   Brown students eligible for Fall 2020 Keasbey Scholarship

Marshall Scholarship

Promotes intellectual, personal, and cultural exchange between the United States and the United Kingdom . Graduating seniors September Marshall Scholarship

Udall Scholarship

The Udall Foundation is committed to educating a new generation of Americans to preserve and protect their national heritage through studies in the environment, Native American health and tribal policy, and effective public policy conflict resolution. Sophomores and juniors March Udall Scholarship

Rhodes Scholarship

Brings outstanding students from many countries around the world to the University of Oxford . Every year, thirty-two U.S. citizens win Rhodes Scholarships.   September Rhodes Scholarship

Rotary Scholarship

To further international understanding and friendly relations among people of different countries. Every year about 1000 Rotary Scholarships for study abroad are awarded worldwide. The bulk of these are awarded to Americans. Sophomores, juniors, seniors, recent graduates   Rotary Scholarship

St. Andrew's

Students of Scottish descent, promotes cultural interchange and goodwill between Scotland and the United States . Saint Andrew's Scholarships fund one year of study at any of the universities in Scotland . Undergraduate October St. Andrew's

Churchill Scholarship

Churchill Scholarships support one year of graduate study at Churchill College, Cambridge , in engineering, mathematics, or the sciences. Senior undergraduates November Churchill Scholarship

Gates Cambridge Scholarship

Supports outstanding students with leadership potential who gain admission to a graduate program at the University of Cambridge . Senior undergraduates November Gates Cambridge Scholarship

Mellon Mays Fellowship

Bring greater diversity to scholarship and learning by making intellectual culture truly reflective of the American experience African American, Native American, or Latino sophomores March Mellon Mays Fellowship

RAB Grants

Research at Brown (RAB) grants support student-initiated projects. Applicants can seek up to $500 of funding. Most grantees will be awarded less than $500, although in some exceptional cases (see below) awards may equal or exceed $500. We support research and travel to present papers at conferences, although other kinds of creative projects may be funded if resources are available. Undergraduate students November RAB Grants

Summer Research Early Identification Program

Offers the opportunity to participate in summer research activities on one of the thirteen Leadership Alliance campuses Undergraduate students February Summer Research Early Identification Program

UTRAs (Undergraduate Teaching and Research Assistantships)

Collaborative work between faculty and students in research, curriculum revision and development, and teaching (includes Odyssey, Hughes, and Excel) Faculty and undergraduate students February UTRAs (Undergraduate Teaching and Research Assistantships)

PLME Office

Award/Fellowship Name

Short Description




Summer Research Assistantships

For students to become engaged in a biomedical research project under the supervision and mentorship of a Brown faculty member PLME students February Summer Research Assistantships

Summer Research Assistantships--Emergency Medicine

For students to become engaged in a research project under the supervision and mentorship of a Brown emergency medicine faculty member PLME and medical students February  

Swearer Center for Public Service

Award/Fellowship Name

Short Description




Arthur Liman Public Interest Summer Fellowship

Opportunity to participate in public interest law such as civil legal services for criminal defendants, children's rights, immigrants' right, drug policy, and the death penalty. Undergraduate students February Arthur Liman Public Interest Summer Fellowship

Scholarships for Service

During the fall/spring semester and also during summer, if you are engaged in service work in Rhode Island and eligible for work study you could qualify for an additional $1000 in federal scholarship funding. All students Rolling Scholarships for Service

Starr Fellowship

An opportunity to deepen understanding of critical public issues as a part of a liberal education, working with a community organization at the local, national or international level. Undergraduate students February Starr Fellowship

Royce Fellowship

Explore interests in ways a traditional college curriculum alone cannot achieve Undergraduate students February Royce Fellowship

The Sport and Society Fellowship (Royce)

Recognizes Brown University undergraduates who have a record of excellence in academics and sport. The program supports innovative research or applied projects, exploring the intersection of sport and human rights within a particular context. Fellows’ areas of research may include health, education, conflict resolution, public policy, disability rights, race, gender or ethnicity. Undergraduates February The Sport and Society Fellowship (Royce)