Program in Liberal Medical Education

Degree Options

As undergraduates, PLME students may choose to work toward an AB or ScB degree in the sciences, or toward an AB in the humanities, social sciences, or behavioral sciences.

Advanced Scholarship in Medical School

PLME students who wish to earn an advanced degree (MA, ScM, MPH) must meet the requirements of the graduate school. Many academic departments at Brown offer graduate programs; these are listed in the Brown University Graduate School Catalog. After matriculation into the College, students should discuss their interests and goals with a director of a graduate program in planning any study that might lead to an advanced graduate degree.

Combined MD-ScM Program

The Primary Care-Population Medicine (PC-PM) program is an innovative, dual-degree curriculum that focuses on preparing students for a career in medicine while providing comprehensive, longitudinal training in population medicine.

MD/PhD Program

At Brown, we are training the next generation of physician-scientists who will advance translational research. Physician-scientists are uniquely positioned to take insights gleaned from their clinical work with patients into the lab, where they can pursue research directions that will have the greatest impact on human health. The Warren Alpert Physician-Scientist MD/PhD and Advanced Training Program integrates MD degree training with doctoral study.

MD/PhD Program

Master of Public Health Program (MPH)

The MPH program prepares students for careers in the public, non-profit, and private sectors. Our goal is to help students become skilled professionals committed to improving the health of communities by translating rigorous scientific research into sound, evidence-based public health policy and practice. MPH programs also introduce students to experts, which provide an expanded network of mentors and colleagues in the field of public health. These relationships provide enhanced opportunities for research collaboration and public health practice.

Graduate study in public health at Brown has a singular purpose: to train leaders in public health who are armed with the skills to conduct research, bring about policy change, and positively affect the health of populations.

Sc.M Medical Physics

Brown’s Graduate Program in Medical Physics combines a rigorous curriculum, superb clinical settings and a unique focus on research training to prepare students for professional success. Faculty and staff are engaged and motivated to equip students with the knowledge and professional competencies that will make them competitive for medical physics residencies across the country.

Brown's Graduate Program in Medical Physics combines a rigorous curriculum, superb clinical settings, and unique focus on research training that prepares students for professional success.

Scholarly Concentrations

The Scholarly Concentrations Program is an elective program through which Brown medical students may elect to pursue a course of study beyond the conventional medical education curriculum. Scholarly Concentrations allow students to translate personal interests and activities into scholarship. For PLME students, the program represents an opportunity to continue and expand a current area of interest such as their undergraduate concentration or extracurricular activities, or to potentially explore a new medically-related topic. Students who participate in a Scholarly Concentration will undertake rigorous independent scholarship in a cross-disciplinary field of interest related to medicine, public health, engineering, or a biomedically relevant topic in the sciences, arts, or humanities. In collaboration with their concentration area mentors, students will produce an academic product, such as a manuscript of publication quality, a curriculum project, or an equivalent product appropriate to the field of study.

Currently, students can pursue concentrations in the following disciplines:

Scholarly concentrations offer unique opportunities for rigorous independent scholarship, interdisciplinary study, and mentored relationships across all four years at The Warren Alpert Medical School.