Program in Liberal Medical Education

Application Process

A student wishing to apply to the PLME uses the Brown application process and applies to both Brown the College and the PLME at the same time with the same online application.

Before You Apply

“ A PLME applicant is, by definition, an applicant to Brown. Each PLME applicant is considered an applicant to both the College and the PLME. Applicants may apply either Early Decision OR Regular Decision. ”

There is only ONE application to Brown and the PLME program. A student wishing to apply to the PLME uses the Brown application process and applies to both Brown the College and the PLME at the same time with the same online application. Thus, a student either applies to the College and the PLME Early Decision (deadline is November 1), OR applies to the College and the PLME Regular Decision (deadline is January 5).

Brown is a member of the consortium of colleges and universities belonging to the Common Application. Applicants must submit the Common Application "First-Year Application." 

Common Application

Additionally, applicants must complete the Brown Supplement, which is available along with the Common Application forms from the Common Application website. The Brown Supplement includes THREE (3) required essays for PLME applicants. 

University policy dictates that no candidate for admission be denied solely on the basis of the degree program for which he or she seeks consideration. Therefore, those applicants not admitted to the PLME are still considered candidates to the College for the bachelor of arts or bachelor of science degree. 

Interested students may obtain more information from the Office of College Admission.

Office of College Admission

Early Decision

Early Decision is a plan under which first-year applicants to Brown may apply for admission in the fall of their senior year and receive an admission decision in mid-December. Early Decision is intended for students who consider Brown their top choice. Applicants pursuing admission under Brown's Early Decision program may not submit an application to another Early Decision plan. Applicants and their families should be aware that Brown's Early Decision program is a binding agreement to attend Brown if admitted. Students admitted under the program are expected to enroll at Brown and to withdraw all pending applications -- including those submitted to Regular, Rolling, or Early Action programs. 

Candidates considered admissible by the Office of College Admission are reviewed by the PLME Advisory Selection Board. Decisions are communicated to PLME applicants just as they are to other Brown applicants. It is expected that the number of PLME applicants will greatly exceed the places available each year.

Application Process

PLME applicants are strongly encouraged to submit a video portfolio as part of the application process. The video portfolio provides a wonderful opportunity for us to learn more about you. After you have submitted the Common Application you will receive access to your Brown Applicant Portal. Once logged into your Brown Applicant Portal you will be given the option to submit a 2-minute personal video portfolio. The deadline to make your decision is November 4 for Early Decision and January 8 for Regular Decision. The deadline to submit a video portfolio is November 4 for Early Decision and January 10 for Regular Decision.

PLME Candidates and Early Decision

A student applying early decision to the College and the PLME may be admitted in December to both the College and the PLME.  However, some students may be selected early decision for admission to the College only and not the PLME.  In this circumstance, the student will be bound by the early decision agreement to attend the College regardless of non-acceptance into the PLME program.  

Those who apply early decision and are admitted to the College and not to PLME will be reconsidered for the PLME during regular decision.

Those students who do not want to be bound to the College at early decision without being admitted to the PLME program are asked to apply through Regular Decision.  

Early Decision Information